3 thoughts on “Zoning Problem – Vancouver Real Estate”

  1. No keep supply low — I want my property value to keep going up! In all serious I think on the right track here — more density is the future. However I will say current residents of a neighbourhood should have a say in how they want their community to look.

  2. I believe one reason why development is slow is because land is way to expensive, especially land assemblies. What group will fork out $15 million for 5 lots and on top need to build the building. It can be a bit risky because what if the economy hits a recession next year? It would be difficult to make profit if you cant sell out all the units. I believe across ur st (2nd and main) is not quite sold out yet as well. Another example: along broadway, 33' x 120' lots are being sold for $3 mill each. 10 lots = 30 million + cost to build the building and pay for all the realtors = minimal profit

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