Zeeshaan Shah: How to get the maximum return in property investment

In our latest video, One Investments’ ( http://oneinvestments.co.uk/ ) CEO and industry expert Zeeshaan Shah talks about how to earn the maximum return on investment.

As Zeeshaan explains, to achieve a maximum return from space in real estate is from a hotel.

Using the example of property in Greenwich, Zeeshaan highlights that family suites which are 300 square foot in size, rent out for approximately £1,200 a month. However, just next door, studios of a very similar size to these hotel rooms rent out for £200 a day in hotel – over course of months £6,000.

Two properties of the same space, however, there is a massive difference in money earned.

London’s average occupancy is one of the highest in the world at 85%. If occupancy of hotel is at this level, then the gross return will be £5,100. After costs, you will still make over £2,000 which is over 100% increase in value.

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12 thoughts on “Zeeshaan Shah: How to get the maximum return in property investment”

  1. I want a passive income and I thought about property inverstment, anyone with success please let me know how did you start. thanks

  2. This is my dream, I have loved business and property all my life but I just don't have the capital to start.

    Please anyone reply with any information you can give or call me on 07498138159 or email me at:


  3. illegal hotels have robbed the UK public of their homes. this is daylight robbery. Most of the people are using residential mortages but are then turning the house into a cash cow hotel and not telling the mortgage company. it is mortgage fraud.

  4. I'm 20, i'm a student at the University of Lincoln and I set up a company at 18. I have just used it to buy my first house with no mortgage. I've listened to your CD – Be your own boss. It was given to me by someone who knows you (Phil W). I am a hungry entrepreneur who has almost finished university and I would love to meet you over a coffee to showcase an opportunity and learn from your experience. henry12debenham@hotmail.co.uk – 07500864644 Thanks!! 🙂

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