You may not have heard of this Beverly Hills

Forty-five minutes north of Los Angeles is a place referred to as the Chinese Beverly Hills. CNNMoney’s Vanessa Yurkevich tours the booming town of Arcadia, California.

20 thoughts on “You may not have heard of this Beverly Hills”


  2. i live in arcadia and all the houses around me were basically sold and going under construction. It's freaking loud…

  3. The land is more valuable; than the home that it sits on! The new home is very beautiful! I love The design of it and the coy fish, for good luck!

  4. My relatives live in homes this big in china. They love it there and it is just as lavish there. I don’t understand why they would need to come to California because they are just in another Chinese environment. I’m only in the US because my parents wanted me to get a better education in the US.

  5. Listen. Can you hear that? They speak English . No translation needed. I'd rather live among Chinese/ Asian than the other two regions who bring crime, low wages and medieval culture here. Assimilate or get the f*#ck out.

  6. You know, the huge mansions they show in the video are just in the foothills area… Most of Arcadia is actually just your average middle-class suburb. But even there, new but smaller mansions are being built and the price is rising like crazy.

  7. I used to live in Arcadia and everywhere you go, it's mansions, restaurants and the mall. The mall has changed a lot during my time there.

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