‘Worrying signs’ are showing in Australia’s housing market: Strategist | The Rundown

Chris Konstantinos of RiverFront Investment Group says housing prices in Australia “appear to be cooling somewhat” but a bursting of the bubble is not necessarily “imminent.”

11 thoughts on “‘Worrying signs’ are showing in Australia’s housing market: Strategist | The Rundown”

  1. For fuck sake they have been saying this for years. It’s supply and demand, within 12 kms of cbd in major cities supply will out way demand.
    Sydney haa 30% increase it was always going to pull back

    The reason for the slow down is the banks tightening up on
    Lending ffs!!
    Of course it will slow down, we had a run and it’s turning to a buyers market.

    I’d love to be one of these fucking experts because when they get it wrong they are not held accountable.

    For instance look at the trump rally in the Dow…we had a huge run from September to January it then retraced and went sideways and now it’s on a run again..

    Ffs the bullshit you speak is ridiculous.

  2. There needs to be a law against a person owning more than one or two properties !!! It's quite fucken simple to make housing affordable again for the average person FFS

  3. I left Australia when I realized there's more to life than being a slave owned by banks. I didn't want to wake up one day and realize my whole life was slavery just to have a roof over my head in a place that really wasn't that good.
    My advice is to leave. 3 months after I left I owned my new house outright, rent out the back house and live off rental income. In sydney I would've worked till 70 and had never lived at all.

  4. Maybe God helps in the way that chinees buy properties and keep prices … Start a process of thinking how to get out of debt… It seems that in the UK and in the US they are in such a process.

  5. Currently there are property bubbles in nearly every western country. Chinese speculators have being building ghost cities that will never be occupied for years. building control is a joke in China, corners are cut everywhere, its not uncommon for apartment blocks to just fall over due to empty oil drums being stacked into the centre of the columns to save concrete. The financial crisis will look like a storm in a tea cup when this debt Everest comes tumbling down.

  6. Watch Sydney house prices fall from average $900,000 to $150,000 (3 times the price I paid when I first bought in at $45,000). Chinese black money has flooded into Australia and being buried in housing to hide it. Watch how that money gets pulled out fast and you'll see the fastest slide in house prices in the world. From the highest, back down to reasonable value. Remember that a house in Australia only costs $100,000 to build (2 story, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage, double brick and tile) so land costing now $800,000 is really silly, but back to about $50,000 for a 0.1 hectare is reasonable again.

  7. There will only be a collapse if the interest rate increases, otherwise it will just hold at the current price and not move. If there is a rate hike people will not be able to pay back the loans causing them to foreclose, not something the political system wants as they themselves own investment property they will keep it going until it completely implodes on itself…

  8. 956,000 households in mortgage stress, that's 30% of loans. Interest only loans to be renegotiated over the next 5 years to the value of HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS, APPROXIMATELY 120 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR AVERAGE IN 2018,2019,2020,2021, AND 2022. PERSONAL DEBT IS 200% TO GDP, is this sinking in yet? Oh but wait there is more…. Valuers are reducing values on properties so bank lending is lower, ASIC and APRA regulators have made it harder to get a loan with 20% deposit and loans to income ratios reduced…money tightening….Hmmmm sounds a bit like Irelands crash. China has stopped the outflow of money and Australian banks have stopped lending to OS investors….tightening of money again…. AUSTRALIANS ARE FED UP AND WILL VOTE TO REDUCE IMMIGRATION IN NEXT YEARS ELECTION…Hmmm, less immigration and competition. THE POWERS THAT BE HAVE A LOT TO ANSWER FOR, AUSTRALIANS ARE FED UP WITH SCARCITY IN HOUSING, ROADS, TRANSPORT, HOSPITALS AND EROSION OF OUR CULTURE!

  9. It's not worrying sign. Everyone should be happy so people can buy again houses at a "normal price". Housing should drop at least 50%!

  10. What a load of shit he saying that the word concern is a bit strong . It is worse than being concerned that Australian housing market is about to get crushed . Double bubble is popping hundred percent guarantee. And he wants Americans to invest in Australia . My question to this moron as how much is the Australian banks paying him to save this bullshit ?

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