Why You Should Use a Land Trust for Real Estate

In this video, real estate asset protection attorney Clint Coons covers the benefits of using a land trust in real estate investing. If you would like a FREE 30-minute consultation. you can request one here: https://andersonadvisors.com/30minuteconsult/

9 thoughts on “Why You Should Use a Land Trust for Real Estate”

  1. I have a property in CA that I want to put into a Land Trust. I have a new LLC in WY that I want to put as the owner of the Land Trust. Can I do that? One state allows land trusts while the other, where the LLC is, doesn't allow for Land Trusts. I'm not sure which state would apply. I'm new to all of this & I'm still trying to find my way so any help is appreciated!

  2. Clint- Outstanding info- I have 2 rentals that are in titled in my name and my wife's name. So the process would be to first convert them to a land trust, then create and assign to a LLC? One is located in Ca and the other is in SC. is that correct? Do you practice in CA? Thank You

  3. So I can put my name on my deceased. Parent house . and take my cousin off the trust while she put house in her name?

  4. In regard to Wyoming LLC Privacy Nominee, what happen if that Privacy Nominee do not reign or step down from the Entity that I own ? What action need to be taken ?

    On another note , since Wyoming LLC protecting Assest /property's own why do we need to have Nominee Privacy anyway ?

  5. Clint looks like Brett Farvre. I looked up the sale of actress Demi Moore's place in Manhattan. The MT2 trust bought it for 47 million. This was recently. I'm new to trusts so I'm trying to learn as much as I can.

  6. A buyer wants to buy a property held in trust in order to give the seller his price, but at the buyer's terms without causing a tax reassessment. How can a buyer of a property held in a land trust be sure that a duplicitous beneficial owner didn't already sell his interest in the trust before selling to said buyer?

  7. if I buy a property or assign a deal in my name can I later move it into a trust?? should I get the trust before the deal?

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