Why I’m Suing One Of My Tenants | Real Estate 101

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19 thoughts on “Why I’m Suing One Of My Tenants | Real Estate 101”

  1. Just an opinion; I wouldn't post anything until this case is over, as it could/can be misconstrued as being of defamation of said Defendant's character without said Defendant being able to share their side to the District Court, or Court of record has time to issue a order/decree. the judge can get upset without knowledge at the least, as it might look at it as a commercial enterprise by Plaintiff and that Plaintiff is taking advantage of a Court of Equity and issue on order of dismissal if it were to come to Court's attention, that you were giving out, even in a general sense, identifiers that could lead to the Defendants Identity and the Case as a whole. With the number of people that do for taking the group I would probably wait use extreme caution and show a summary set of videos of the Case after it's either won or lost. However, if you can get permission from the Judge to do the uploads then you would have a maneuver around any of that mess. I would note that all laws are different in every state but it just seems with the amount of people in the Group that it could call attention to the videos, and even back to the Defendant's ears, to say that "everybody knows it has to be me because I'm renting a condo/schoolmate with you" meaning Plaintiff. Just looking out. ABSR-

  2. Good Video, The same thing happened to me. My brother borrowed $1500 from me, for a car when I has in college
    He knew I was a saver and we came up with a payback schedule. I never got paid back. t's not so much the money, but it was the principle. He was family, so
    i trusted him. He did this to numerous family members? Never again?

  3. Good advice. I have had to evict a few tenants that i did not check out before renting to them. It costs a lot of money to evict or sue them.

  4. God damn those people. Sue the sh out of them. So sick of those people who does not pay or pay late. They think once you own a house you are instant rich.

  5. We need fewer landlords and more individual ownership. Rent seekers are useless, they are the reason no one can afford to own property anymore.

  6. Regarding requesting renters history: Sometimes the previous (ie, current) landlord will tell you the applicant has been a star tenant just to get him/her off their hands… they don’t care if you get stuck with a non-paying tenant so long as they don’t have to deal with it. Therefore many landlords in my area require TWO previous landlord recommendations.

  7. Sorry to hear this man. Great video however making everyone aware that things like this do happen from time to time.

  8. Sharing these things so other learn too is valuable, going through these experiences and sharing what you go through and learn can be beneficial to the rest of us.

  9. Ugh there's always one rotten people to ruin it for the rest of us. I swear not all renters are as bad as this guy.

  10. it sounds like this individual took you for a fool because of your age and must have thought you were soft but little does he know he is in for a world of headaches….

  11. Ricky you rookie!! Always get a contract and always keep communication via a traceable means suchs as email or even text. Just giving you a hard time brother. I made the same mistake very recent. I have a mortgage on 2 houses in Texas. One of my mentors works as a realtor as a side job in conjunction with military retirement and a GS-9 position. He had an acquaintance that needed a place to live due to a recent divorce and his credit wasn't the greatest. Well to get qualified for my 2nd mortgage I had to rent out my 1st home. My mentor and his wife wrote up a contract via their rental property/real estate business. Everything was going great until 5 months before I PCS'd (getting stationed in another location) South, Korea. He was late multiple times and each time with a new excuse. Yes life happens but I was too nice to charge him a late payment and I managed the property myself to save money. It's seems like he took advantage of the situation and started paying half rent and very late. Finally I got fed up and hired a property manager. Beat decision I've ever made! Moral of the story is don't be nice. It's a bit mean to say but people almost always mistake kindness for weakness. Keep doing what you're doing brother you are a huge inspiration man No where to go but up, keep killin it! Salud. 🙂

  12. how can you expand the charts to cover the whole screen from the left to right edge , in my case although i cancel my watch list line the chart only cover half of the screen whats the setup you follow to get this expanded charts ? please advice

  13. Why have real estate when you can just trade? Too much of a joke. Come on, you already know trading is more liquid than people.

  14. This is why Dave Ramsey recommends not leveraging rental homes. People leverage themselves to the max and then lawsuits and other issues sink them financially.

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