Why a House in NOT a Good Investment

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Why a House in NOT a Good Investment

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Cardone Zone :Why a House is Not an Investment—Should you buy a house? What would you do if I told you a house is a terrible investment? Buying a house makes you lose mobility and during the last 100 years, adjusted for inflation, the average home has gone up 1%. If it doesn’t make you money don’t buy it. The U.S. Census Bureau came out with a new report showing the fastest growing cities in America with cities in the south—specifically Texas and Florida—growing at the fastest rate. You need to be in a position to be able to move where the money is.

1)Houses are a bad investment
2)Buy things that make you money
3)A house is a liability
4)You need to have the ability to move quickly to follow opportunity

I talk in black and white terms a lot, so keep in mind there are always exceptions to rules—but don’t go and buy a home!

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19 thoughts on “Why a House in NOT a Good Investment”

  1. I still don't see why renting is better, I'll be paying a rent anyway…the mortgage won't be much more than I'd pay in rent anyway, and the mortgage gets my net worth up. I could sell the home for higher or at worst break even when I want to move…

  2. Honestly here is my issue with this! If you can buy a house or a condo and it saves you 750 + monthly vs rent…. and comps are double what you paid…. how is it still a bad investment?

  3. I'm 25, nimble, a coachable human, obsessed worker, and very curious about real estate. Getting my real estate my license this week after seeing countless door knocks while delivering mail for the USPS. I'm an All American collegiate wrestler. If you ever need an extra hand, and a project trainee…lmk. I work hard for my money!

  4. I think you should show the math between the two options
    1)buy a house
    2)rent and buy a investment instead of buying a house to live

  5. Its a long term investment. My parents will pay their houses in 10 years. Be 65. Rent them out and its all money for them. As long as my siblings dont think of selling them later on I think they set us up perfectly. But quick money. Yea that wouldnt be quick money. Took them a long time now but that was the point. For their kids. That just made them happy. And we are. We are now paying them back making sure they are well taken care of in their own retirement home.

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