Wholesale Real Estate | House Headaches & Popup meet in ATL

I go over some of the minor problems we’re facing at the Ebert house that we’ve been working on the past couple weeks. I travel to Atlanta and have a popup meetup.

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18 thoughts on “Wholesale Real Estate | House Headaches & Popup meet in ATL”

  1. great meet up its good to see young people want to control their future . no football that is focus  and that that's  is the only way to became a expert  focus

  2. What up Mr. Maxwell? I am planning to copy your business model, or what I think is your business model. I have a question that might be a little forward, but you know what they say – closed mouths don't get fed. I want to form a business model that takes advantage of wholesaling, flips, and rental property. I know that my knowledge has to be off the chain as far as covering all of the possibilities associated with these types of transactions but what is your criteria to determine which avenue to take? Thank you in advance for you help…

  3. My love for real estate is growing everyday. I did my first flip a year ago, then wasn't confident to take off for Real. You're an inspiration, a Mentor and a Beautiful soul for sharing your journey. Please come in Baltimore. We want you here…Merci Beaucoup

  4. We understand that things happen! Thank you for showing us the headaches that’s not normally seen when following wholesalers!!! Much appreciated!!! Dope as always!!!

  5. THANK YOU!! Thanks to your Facebook group I got so much needed help!!! BIG BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cant believe i had to miss your baltimore meet up lol Great Content max! Hope to one day be on a podcast with you

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