What’s trending in SOUTH FLORIDA REAL ESTATE market in 2018? Buyers or Sellers market?

Florida real estate market is changing constantly. To decide whether or not it’s a good time to invest in luxury real estate, watch this video where we analyse changes of Florida market, explain why foreign investors should look into Miami property, and why finding a real estate agent is crucial right now. The video is incredibly useful for real estate investors, including those new to real estate investing.

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0:10 – Where Florida market is going
0:30 – Luxury condominium supply is on the rise
0:59 – Buyers market: the prices are being reduced
1:39 – Is right now a good time to buy?
2:06 – Median home value in Miami
2:17 – Broward county average sale price
2:45 – Foreign investors to benefit from lowered pricing of luxury segments in 2018
3:17 – Find a professional real estate agent

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