What’s The Best Real Estate Investment Book?

Kenna and I searched Barnes and Noble for a good real estate investing book for Chuck. Which one do you recommend?

20 thoughts on “What’s The Best Real Estate Investment Book?”

  1. Self made from Stefan arrino. Changed my life. It's the book and author that made me stop procrastinating and take action.

  2. #Jonny Five Book # of times listed
    The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham 34
    Rich Dad, Poor Dad" (2000) by Robert Kiyosaki 21
    A Random Walk Down Wall Street 19
    Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip Fisher 19
    The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason 15
    One Up On Wall Street – Peter Lynch 14
    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (1923) 12
    The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons For Corporate America" (2001) by Warren Buffett  12
    Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham 12
    Think and Grow Rich" (1937) by Napoleon Hill 12
    Beating The Street – Peter Lynch 10
    Common Sense On Mutual Funds" (1999) by John Bogle 9
    Irrational Exuberance" (2000) by Robert J. Shiller 9
    Stocks For The Long Run" (1994) by Jeremy Siegel 9
    The Millionaire Next Door 9
    Market Wizard Series by Jack D. Schwager 8
    Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist 7
    How To Make Money In Stocks" (2003, 3rd ed.) by William J. O'Neil 7
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 7
    Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds 6
    Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets by Nassim Nicholas Taleb 6
    Real Estate Investing For Dummies, 2nd Edition 6
    ABCs of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss (Rich Dad Advisors) by Ken McElroy 6
    The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It – 6
    Thinking, Fast and Slow 6
    Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini 5
    Real Estate Finance and Investments by William Brueggeman and Jeffrey Fisher 5
    The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller and Dave Jenks 5
    The Science of Getting Rich 5
    The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing by Spencer Strauss 5
    What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know about Cash Flow (Frank Gallinelli) 5 @Stuart Jeannetos

  3. Tai a great investment real estate book is the same one you picked up by Gary Keller. He has two which one is the millionaire real estate investor and the millionaire real estate agent.. I just finished the investor one and also have read the first rich dad poor dad series. I'm stepping into another which is his quadrant series

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