What’s A Realistic R.O.I On Real Estate?

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12 thoughts on “What’s A Realistic R.O.I On Real Estate?”

  1. Dave Ramsey is a little extreme, for good reason. I take his advice as wise, basic common sense, but he is very black and white. Good for someone who lacks self control. I don't think in the real world it's that absolute, you can bend his rules a little sometimes. Take out some leverage within your means, jyst don't leverage the heck out of everything, especially if it's vulnerable to factors outside your control. He is right in warning about the dangers but if you understand the risk and are willing to take a calculated risk then go for it. Just not all out with 10 leveraged properties!

  2. What about having rental property while in debt? I have a rental house worth $75,000 with a mortgage of $48,000 that brings in $700 a month from it, $22,000 in credit card debt, and my wife has $90,000 in student loan debt. We make $120,000 a year before tax. I'm having a hard time deciding if I should sell the rental property and pay off the mortgage and credit card debt with it. I like the mail box money and after it's payed off it will be nice back up plan if say something bad happens like job loss or whatever. But I know it's a liability and it's best to have as little liabilities as possible

  3. What I like is the ability to simulate real estate investing in other investment vehicles using far less capital, without leverage, without risk, no tenants, no repairs, no liability, maintaining complete liquidity and still be able to generate returns of 10% or more per month…. or higher if the market graces me with corrections along the way. Why deal with brokers, sellers, tenants, banks, property managers, insurance companies, contractors… I mean are we investors or employees? Lol

  4. does this guy think real estate is going up forever? does he not remember the 70's 80's 90's and of course the big one 2008? fed has raised 3 times after Trump's election. 1 time Obama's 8 yrs.

  5. As a phoenix realtor, I agree you always make your money on the purchase for real estate; however, I as an investor prefer real estate over WAY WAY over priced ETFs, Funds, equities at their current P/E ratios…

  6. It also depends how well you know your market. I'm a Realtor a bought a sfh and rented it out for 25% roi after all expesnes. The deals are out there!

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