What is the best way to invest in rental properties webinar

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In this webinar I spend well over an hour discussing how to invest in rentals the right way. How to finance them, find them and manage them. Investing in rentals can take time and effort, but boy is it worth it.

From my 16 rentals I have about $9,000 a month in income coming is and have increased my net worth over one million dollars. You cannot buy any rental property, you have to buy the right rentals, below market value.

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16 thoughts on “What is the best way to invest in rental properties webinar”

  1. wow, you bought a first investment when you are 25….. impressive. What if someone who 21 year old buy his first investment at that age. What is your option about it?

  2. I racked up close to 200k in debt acquiring 12 rentals in just over 2 years. But i only get paid once a month from rents. Right now i feel everyone else had made money except me, my contractors, lawyers, banks, accountant, uncle sam etc. Yet I take all the risk. I notice none of my contractors own rentals. Sometimes I wonder if im being delusional or foolish. Gonna try your snowball way of paying off debt. I wonder are there better ways to make money without spending so much.

  3. How does that compare to investing in condos with a property management where you still earn a passive income but without the stress?

  4. this is gold, thank you so much.

    please can you give your input on town homes/ condos? around my area its easy to find them for 100k with 200$ condo fees. rented from 800-1200 a month.

  5. I'm really interested in rental income. But, how do I test the market in a certain location to see if I can get tenants or not?

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