What Every Landlord Should Know About Property Management

What every landlord should know about property management ideally, before you buy your first rental property.

19 thoughts on “What Every Landlord Should Know About Property Management”

  1. Hey I am not a Landlord I was just interested. You seem to know your stuff, very professional. I was wondering considering there are some landlords out there that aren't as professional what Tenants can do to keep themselves safe before signing up with a landlord that is more on the line of a professional scam artist.

  2. I'm 20 years old and I wanna get into this.

    Thanks for the ideas, I've been taking notes on all your stuff.

  3. Very true. Gotta evict. We had someone not pay us for 3 months, because of course, we're nice people. But I just decided they are basically taking food from my kid's mouth (as it was our only income). So I got a lawyer and evicted them. No more miss nice guy. I hope that they have learned their lesson and won't do it to the next landlord. Next time I won't wait 3 months to evict.
    It's common sense: you provide a service, you expect to be paid. I don't go to their place of business, take something off the rack and walk out. It's the same thing.

    Also about what you said about being near your property. We have a saying in our language that basically translates to:
    Far from your possessions, near your ruin.

    Great videos. Learning so much.

  4. Choice of Tennant is key. Otherwise owning rental property defeat what should be the main purpose of owning it, Freedom.

  5. Loved your video about public records. I was able to see my landlord's properties and their values and composition. My apartment is a '2' bedroom, but public records shows it as a 1 bedroom. *There was a past improvement on the property deemed a 'covered porch' in the records. I've lived here for 15 years and would have never guessed one of the bedrooms was categorized in public records as a covered porch. Your info is helpful Phil not only for flippers, investors and landlords/ladies. I want to buy a house and now I know more about how-to research potential properties! Thank you very much.

  6. I love this video. Had I only known before I bought my apt Bldg. which is 3 hours away from me which isnt bad because every few months i can make that drive. But i bought the bldg fully rented and realize the previous owner allowed these lowlives to get away with murder and paying their rent whenever they feel like it. Im in the process of evicting half the bldg. and theyre trying to destroy the property and make all kinds of false accusations not to get the boot! Evening threatening to kill me lol. I cant wait to them the F*** out!!!

  7. My brother loves yuppies….professionals that are hardly home….collects rent with practically zero tenant issues…..

  8. I worked with several landlords an agree with almost all of them. The only one is self employed. When I rented I had a landlord who required a minimum of 3 months cash reserves knowing that construction work in western NY was tight between thanksgiving and Easter. It was handled like the security deposit.
    In fact I worked the same arrangement with other land lords as well.

  9. I have a question. People here hire the person and he goes around and collects the money on hand. Is it a way to avoid taxes?

  10. How ironic him telling all of us who are striving to be self employed and himself included who is self employed , to stay away from them when renting

  11. ALWAYS check credit reports
    ONLY use Month to Month agreements…NEVER A LEASE
    NEVER let the sob story impress you
    INSIST that they have a checking account
    make SURE the reference they give actually owns the home they say they rent
    ask for the last four or six months of cancelled checks
    do NOT let them in without a cashiers check for the FULL amount of rent And DEPOSIT
    rent is due on the 1st and late on the 2nd. NO GRACE PERIOD unless its the law
    ALWAYS require renters insurance that names you as an additional insured

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