Welcome to Eugene, Oregon

Eugene is home of the University of Oregon, and is known for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This video was shot with the cell phone sized Sony Bloggie Touch Camera. Camera work by Katie Jones. Editing by Christopher Calder. All music is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Track 1 – *Not Quite Blue* (by Kevin MacLeod), Track 2 – *Keratine, Rust, and a Clear Soul* (by Alpha Hydrae), Track 3 – *Balance* (by Komiku). All music downloaded from http://freepd.com/

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Eugene, Oregon”

  1. Katie, I gotta tell you that population number of 157, 000 is DECADES OLD I hate to break it to you outsiders but eugene is no longer a sleepy little town of 157K. If you include Glenwood and the surrounding areas which have recently become part of Eugene and Springfield, which really starts right at the end of Eugene city limits, (most people consider them ONE town) The Eugene/springfield area now has close to a million people.

  2. Thank you for this video! . The music was so sweet!!. I really enjoyed every part of it!! . Absolutely adorable!. Thank you!!!

  3. Very nice video of Eugene. Unfortunately I've never felt the serenity of this video in Eugene. The outrageous amount of homeless, and drug usage, mentally unstable in Oregon is scary. I did like this video though. Thank you

  4. you can smoke pot here!!!!! there are hippies and progressives here, there are a few trumpsters but you can tell them by their high water pants and christian stickers on their rascals, great food, kind people, few crimes. avoid its' sister city, springfield, you will know it by the many colorful vials left in the alleyways, if you have a bike here; lock it up, you can leave your jag running with the keys in it and the doors wide open and nobody gonna steal the bitch , cuz nobody ain't got no money for gas, cuz

  5. This video was previously uploaded with music by the Jefferson Airplane, Dave Brubeck, and The Beatles. The sound was quickly muted by YouTube due to copyright restrictions. So after a year on YouTube with no sound and almost 6,000 hits, we changed the music to some great public domain piano and guitar music instead.

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