Watch Me Build – Real Estate Rollover Analysis Model

In this ‘Watch Me Build” video, similar to an earlier video where I recorded my screen as I built a multifamily model, I model in real-time a Tenant Rollover Analysis model. Below you’ll find a link to download a ZIP file containing both an formats-only template in Excel, so you can follow along as you watch, and the completed Excel model with formulas.

– To download the model:

– To learn more about the author:

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2 thoughts on “Watch Me Build – Real Estate Rollover Analysis Model”

  1. Great video thanks! We only base the roll out on net rent and show a separate line for occupancy. Depends on the asset type I guess

  2. Thanks Spencer,
    The days vacant at rollover only counted only one month, seems to me it should be counting six months of vacancy at each lease roll?

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