Video #15: A day in the life of a Detroit Real Estate Investor (VLOG 1)

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4 thoughts on “Video #15: A day in the life of a Detroit Real Estate Investor (VLOG 1)”

  1. Yeah the Gun thing kind of turned me off for a minute. Ive been a landlord for 13yrs so yeah some crazies but damn. Being from Toronto I have heard about Detroit having some ultra low prices. Christian how is the market going in Detroit. Is it lucrative to get into fix up and sell. im not into hitting a homerun just is as long as decent ROI. Im not interested in head to toe projects but new floors window basic bathrroom redos. A couple of us brothers have eyes on Detroit.

  2. Omg I give you so much credit for walking in that house. The amount of trash and destroyed paint/fixtures was too much for me. I hope you made a profit from it!

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