Use A Real Estate Agent!

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9 thoughts on “Use A Real Estate Agent!”

  1. I disagree with you Dave. I also think you have a confirmation bias. Please provide your studies! RE agents are worthless and the industry is ripe for disruption. Realtors and NAR determine value on EMOTION! Sorry Dave.

  2. Dave Ramsey… I don't have much money. But I will pay you to end my ignorance of 2 questions… which will probably take an hour for u to explain. I am out of the army. My husband is still in. I need your help. I'm about to move to Miami. At the same time I can literally learn anything. Can I pay you for information?

  3. He's right… I know this without testing the water. It's just too much work for some random person who is not doing it as a job

  4. As a Mortgage Banker, I can attest to Dave being correct.  Zillow and Trulia are often way off on value (both high and low), and they cannot gauge the market fast enough for what buyers are willing to pay in a given area at a given time.  Every time I deal with a FSBO, it's a nightmare.

  5. Today the market price of a home is fairly easy to ascertain. Using services like Zillow and local assessors/appraisers websites a good idea of what similar type properties are selling for in a given area. The only real advantage agents have on pricing a home is they might be aware of special considerations included with a transaction i.e. sellers giving cash to help cover closing costs.

  6. So make the MLS service and comp listing available to the public then intelligent people could FSBO and that would shrink the need for agents leaving only the good 20% of agents still working. The other 80% are used house sales people, not agents. Such a racket!!!!!

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