U.S. 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦 Real Estate Creating UNPAYABLE DEBT For Most People! Bankruptcies Coming Soon

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19 thoughts on “U.S. 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦 Real Estate Creating UNPAYABLE DEBT For Most People! Bankruptcies Coming Soon”

  1. Let me know where you live and what people are paying for real estate. In Toronto, it's ridiculously expensive. Million dollar mortgages are VERY common.

  2. 2004 bought first home in Florida Fannie and Freddie Mack paid 240 k 3 years later the bank bought it back from me and it sold for 40k. So walked away with no foreclosure but I was out the 70grand I put into the house . Sold my business luckily and boom 2008 hit Florida hard people lost their shirts. Now 10 years later it's happening again.

  3. Berlin is crazy at the moment, average Sqm is 5K. Five years agon real estate was very cheap. I think there's a bubble but everybody is in denial.

  4. When and where would you buy a house north of Detroit. We have 70,000.00 for a large down payment. We earn less than 40,000.00 a year and I am 61.

  5. In Adelaide South Australia apartments are selling for several hundred thousand dollars less than purchased 5=10 years ago

  6. us and canada homes are very expensive, and middle class wipes away, bank increse interest make it worse.
    home fluctuations. . home builders stocks have moved down! late january peaked.
    home buying stimulus given in 2006 and now things go down!
    fannie and freddie!
    tax payers have to pay for this evil company. and led to global problem in 2008.
    4:25 rate for home loans declined!
    americans cant afford higher and higher morgages!
    6:00 broken house, what is it worth. in vancouver canada. its worth 4 million dollars. ppl dont know how bad it is. dot com boom and bust was rode all the way to the moon! forgt parachutes.
    it better be the best home.
    avg. ppl in canada have million dollar morgages, not ok when you have median solaries.
    9:05 canada is 3rd most over priced house. 65% overvalued!
    40% of renters put 30% or more of income in rent!
    wheres money for food or energy!
    its a common benchmark for unaffordable housing.
    do they be able to pay and keep there job!
    11:30 – chart of canada's geography. home prices.
    montreal market hom is 473k dollars!
    13:00 prime numbers of citi house prices in different major cities.

  7. Don't get sick! Two years I'm trying to get a disability pension but I'm living on savings two years now not long now I'll be on the street! The mortgage is only $800 month

  8. Only makes sense homebuilders are going down! They refuse to build any affordable homes! Fake printed money lender on the bases of a pulse is no good way to do business! I bought on the bottom of the last though! 90000 on a home allegedly worth 300000+ total bullshit just tells me the USD has no value! I have no desire for waste paper USD I have a home 3bd not fancy, everything works all the infrastructure less than 5yrs old

  9. I'm your neighbour! Well from High Park anyway – love your show, your interview with Lynette was fantastic too. You really do deserve the success and growth – you really put in the work and it shows. Thanks

  10. I’m a real estate agent in the Bay Area California. It’s cheaper to buy than rent. Buying add equity. In all fairness the Bay Area market is hyperbolic and the reason why 53% is thinking about moving in 2 years…including me.

  11. I lived in tokyo for last 9 years. Bought a condo 7 years aga, and sold it last year, and made decent profit. Your last graph showed pretty steady flat line, but last 3 years, the price of condos in Tokyo must have gone up by 20-30% or so. Now I live in Brussels, Belgium on company assignment, rent here isn't all that bad either, and while most young guys shares an apartment, older guys owns houses in the suburbs. Thanks for the videos!!!

  12. Keep renting and go to school getting student loans and become an indentured servant working low wages with credit card debt. Thats what schools are teaching.

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