Toronto Real Estate Market Update Sept 2018

Toronto and GTA real estate market updates. Answering the question we are asked the most, “How’s the market?”

To best understand how the market has moved and shifted, check out the previous videos by date as simple graphs are included which make for easily digestible content.
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3 thoughts on “Toronto Real Estate Market Update Sept 2018”

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    View of real estate has changed – a New Normal (for now)
    See videos from: Jan 24, April 18th and most importantly March 10th at around the 2 minute mark until the end.

    New Trend emerging:
    Detached homes are coming into season again, smaller ones but they are outpacing semi's, towns and condos. Just seeing the beginning of this trend. It's currently the highest demand category.

    Possible/Possible Drivers:
    – Household formation from Millennials aged 22-37
    – 1st babies are happening at around 31 to 32 years of age for New moms in Canada now.
    – Millennials moving beyond the 'Club zone' to family formation
    – People seeking safer areas to live, work and play.
    – The household formation we've been talking about is now clocking numbers.
    So we have a Baby boom starting to fire up…. (see stat charts below)

    We are still watching the condo market. Still concerned about oversupply coming our way and prices softening.

    Timing: this could be advantageous to those making the move soon.

    Right under your nose! Who knew?
    – Infrastructure has changed, improved and has been ongoing for a while in the GTA
    – more GO trains, and transit is moving more efficiently
    – Near-905 seen as the best alternative to not completely leave the GTA
    – New Hospitals, arena, community centres and significant revitalization, ( burbs aren't what they used to be)
    – Best schools in the province
    – Bike based communities (Oakville the most livable city in Canada!)
    – Heavy investment in smaller central business areas (our 13 Villages)
    – Protected Green space (minutes away) and part of the neighbourhood
    – REALLY LOW CRIME RATES, especially violent crime or gun crime.

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