Toronto Real Estate Board | June 2018

Can you believe it – Q3 is upon us! 2018 is flying by and we’re now able to get a substantial look at Toronto’s market.

Richard Robbins goes live at Masters Academy and takes a look at the Toronto Real Estate Board. How does the June 2018 compare to 2017 and how did the market change from last month?

Richard takes a look at the TREB numbers and offers some insight on the results.

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  1. Brampton, MOI 2.6

    I’m posting Brampton today because I been watching the prices for a while, I used to live in that City, I noticed big race to the bottom pricing wise from mid June up to now and sales declining fast, under 600k from March to end of May I was seeing like 10 to 15 houses, now over 122 houses under 600k and many under 500k so definitely prices re listed at lower prices, I know Brampton city panicked last year and prices crashed fast because there is some speculation there

    Examples of house price drops (for the ones that was not re-listed at lower price already), and as I expected, a lot of reduction in the prices

    2 drops, $405,000 on Nov 20th and $291,000 on Apr 20 (House listed on Oct 2017)

    $100,000(Apr 12)

    $40,000(May 16)

    $35,000(May 15)

    3 drops, $50,000 on Mar 31st and $28,000 on Apr 18th and $42,000 on May 3

    $149,900 on Jun 18

    2 drops, $116,000 on May 3rd and $74,100 on Jun 9…/36-treeline-boulevard

    2 drops, 34k on May 2nd and $40,100 on May 22

    $151,000(May 29)

    $95,001(Jun 12)

    $75,000(May 12)

    $27,000(Jun 11)

    $39,100(May 9)

    $35,500(May 25)

    $39,100(May 9)

    2 drops, $50,000 on Apr 26th and $99,000 on May 24

    $40,000 on Jun 4

    2 drops, 10k on Jun 5th and $20,000(Jul 3)

    $151,000(Jun 22)

    $70,000(May 25)

    $38,900(May 18)

    3 drops, 17k on May 25th and 30k on June 11th and $50,000 on Jun 28 (notice the panic in price reductions)

    $32,090(May 30)

    $100,000(May 18)…/32-rembrandt-crescent

    $50,900(Jun 1)…/29-great-plains-street

    $30,000(Jul 3)

    $40,000(May 27)…/71-jellicoe-crescent

    $39,901(Jun 21)…/53-fallstar-crescent

    There a lot more but I don't have all day to copy them

  2. Richmond Hill, MOI is 8.9 which is extreme buyers market (previous reading on June 26th is 7.22 MOI, again MOI is getting worse for All GTA cities), this is one of the cities that crashed 40% from March 2017 and prices still dropping, keep in mind many houses already listed at 40% discount from last year peak

    Some examples of house price drops:

    -High End-

    2 Drops, 1 Million dollar on Feb 8th and $900,000 on Apr 4 (Almost 2 Million crash in price!!! I feel bad for the owner)

    Another one with a frecken million dollar crash ($1,000,000 May 25)…/6-montressor-court

    $400,000 on May 31…/94-settlement-crescent

    $490,000 on May 2…/22-hillsborough-court

    2 drops, $250,000 drop on April 4th and $151,112 on May 27…/95-birch-avenue

    2 drops, $100,000 on May 6th and another one of $139,000 on Jun 4…/108-redstone-road

    3 drops, $150,000 on May 16th, $100,000 on June 5th and $150,000 on Jun 17…/133-pemberton-road

    -Lower End-

    $100,000 on Apr 30…/54-normandy-crescent

    $78,000 on May 25…/39-beasley-drive

    2 drops, $50,000 on June 13th and $50,000 on Jun 28…/10-newcastle-crescent

    $90,000 on Apr 4…/125-talmage-avenue

    2 Drops, $100,000 on May 6th and $139,000 on Jun 4…/108-redstone-road

    $50,000 on Jun 20

    $50,000 on May 24…/141-richmond-street

    $51,090 on May 4…/22-snowy-meadow-avenue

    2 drops, $51,000 on May 15th and $11,000 on June 21st…/32-english-oak-drive

  3. Vaughan
    Current MOI is 4.9; it’s down a bit from 5.32 on June 26th but still in buyers market, this city experienced a significant correction from the peak in 2017, if I’m not mistaken a 40% crash from April to Dec 2017 but of course still un-affordable and below some of the declines I saw today on homes in that area

    -High end-

    $190,000(Apr 24) drop, listed Jan 22nd

    $100,000(Apr 11), listed Feb 16th…/319-torrey-pines-road

    $250,000(Mar 29), listed March 1st

    $210,000(Apr 11), listed March 1st

    2 drops, 33k on April 24th and $150,000 on May 2, listed March 13th

    $100,900 on Apr 25, listed March 12th

    $300,000 on Jun 28

    $149,000(May 9)

    $100,000(May 9)…/333-apple-blossom-drive

    $111,100(May 6)

    $100,000(May 17)

    3 drops, 95k on Apr 29th and 41k on June 5th and $50,000 on Jun 18…/605-via-romano-boulevard

    $250,000(May 25)…/53-fanning-mills-circle

    3 drops, 40k on May 5th and 89k on May 24th, $200,000 on Jun 8 (you could smell the panic!!!)…/63-sagecrest-crescent

    -Lower End-

    $118,000(Apr 18)…/116-villandry-crescent

    $74,000(Jun 28)

    $200,000(May 17)

    2 drops, 30k on April 18th and $30,000 on Jun 13…/32-card-lumber-crescent

    2 drops, $81,000 on April 23rd and $149,000 on Jun 22

    $55,000 on Sep 24, listed last year Sep 1st…/27-queensbridge-drive

    $30,000 on Jun 9

    $50,000(Jun 4)

    $20,000(Jun 27)…/47-timberwolf-crescent

    $29,000(Apr 25)

    $45,000(May 8)

    $46,000(Jun 6)…/80-hatton-garden-road

    $50,000(May 24)…/261-easts-corners-boulevard

    $40,900(Jun 22)

    $31,000(Jun 24)…/376-grand-trunk-avenue

    There is a lot more houses dropping in prices but I think that is enough examples for today

  4. The city of Hamilton, MOI is 7.5 (extreme buyers market) and the sales VS inventory graphs looks bad

    Some of examples of declines in house prices

    -High End-
    2 drops, $600,000 on Jan 8th and $920,000 drop on May 25 (house listed in June 2017…And price drops is 1.62Milion!!!)

    2 drops, $405,000 on March 14th and $205,000 on May 25

    2 drops, 60k on Apr 13th and $89,000 on May 22

    $64,000(Jul 4)…/88-sutherland-crescent

    $70,000(Jun 22)…/295-cloverleaf-drive

    $140,000(Jun 15)…/95-seabreeze-crescent

    $120,000(Jul 5)…/319-3rd-concession-road-east

    ==Lower End==

    2 drops, 30k on May 24th and $34,900 on Jul 3…/86-portsmouth-crescent

    $30,000(Jun 2)

    $60,000(Apr 19)

    $20,000(Jul 4)…/24-shrewsbury-street

    $80,000(Jul 4)

    $25,000(May 30)

    $50,000(Jul 5)…/425-greenhill-avenue

  5. He is looking at down town, down town mostly condos which is already 1.9 MOI…And why only looking at down town, why not looking at other GTA cities to see how they are doing? only looking at the positives …For example York Region or Markham or richmond hill or barrie or Hamilton..etc

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