Teranet: Canadian Real Estate Prices Decelerate, Toronto Plunges Further Negative


  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Real estate prices will make a new all-time high very soon. You don't understand the market at all. Bidding wars will be back. Buy now or never.

  2. why are they saying we've reached the bottom and prices are starting to go back up in Toronto real estate? The influence of Chinese and Indian money has never been such a factor in our real estate, there is something different going on here. The Chinese and Indians need to hide their dirty sweatshop profits, they fear their government might take it from them.

    The real question is why Canadians aren't angry about the Chinese having so much money to dump in our real estate! Why can't Canadians be dumping money in their own real estate!?!? Why are all the large corporations in Canada foreign owned? Why are most of the oil and mining operations done by foreign companies that just ship profits overseas.

    When the government tells us at election time that they can "create jobs" we blindly listen to their rhetoric. The truth is the only thing they know how to do is drive away jobs and make it impossible for Canadian business to operate within our own borders.

  3. you know a year ago nobody would ever think real estate was going to head downwards they would simply laugh at your contrarian view.

    today now its a debate whether its going to crash or its just a minor dip, the overall public is on the fence.

    moving fwd if things don't pick up, were going to to see more and more investment properties get listed to beat the next real estate investor to the race. fear of missing gains. Winter should be interesting

  4. Pricing in Toronto is
    so expensive, you would think people would try to avoid living here unless they have too. I am.

  5. They try to calm you as if prces sales graduatly come to a halt decrease ….before only gradually going really down. Mike,.. the truth , Canadian confederacy broad , not only BC or Ontario our mayor cities alike. Sales have grinded to a almost 100% halt. You know were I liv Mike one of most sought after realeaste square 3 miles in Canada. Average house duplex or fully detached or condo (appartment) takes an average of 14 months to sell. If there not pulled of themarket for year or more hoping next time getting buyers for asking price or get an offer lowest hit seller can take. Thats the reality at Grainville street, Burrard /, West 12 ave were I live, and surrounding streets and avenues.

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