Toronto home sales drop

Toronto housing sales dropped nearly 40% in March, compared to a year ago. Is this a sign of a new slide in the market, or just a temporary dip?
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19 thoughts on “Toronto home sales drop”

  1. I love how people with no economics history try and defend things they do not totally understand. Canada is finished … As goes Oil prices so goes Canada bye bye it was nice while it lasted the country will never recover I do mean never.

  2. This will prove to be a generational folly that will haunt the millennials as the secular interest rate cycle turns.

  3. Canada a NWO state media brain washed gulag. If the Canadian Press was on the Titanic they would have everyone focus on how nice the Captain's hair was.

  4. While 100 years old ghost houses called apartment rentals increases by more than 30 percent. Toronto is doomed. Less opportunities, high taxes and skyrocketing prices.

  5. April sales will drop just as much or more because April 2017 was the peak. My advice. Don't buy for next 2 years. Follow your guts , not your real estate agent…

  6. How are people surprised? Ask the average 20-30 year old if they could slave away for years and even begin to afford a downpayment for houses now a days. Anyone who cannot believe this is happening needs to understand E V A L U A T E Y O U R S E L F

  7. Hello, I filmed at Montreal Airport during the storm on April 4, 2018. You're welcome to show my footage of the storm.

  8. I’m indigenous and I couldn’t comment on my people’s video CBC. I will let my tribes council know about this. Chief will be mad.

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