Toro Property Development London

Property Developers Chris Tomlin and Robbie Ross from Toro Property describe how they transformed a garden garden flat in Hammersmith, London, UK (Source: BBC ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ / Series 14 / Episode 133 / July 2010).

20 thoughts on “Toro Property Development London”

  1. Well done. However, I'm told that this is very hard to do in London. You usually add 90p for every pound you spend, is what I'm told. The gain you make, if any, is because property prices have gone up in that time anyway.

  2. Cost of work is far too much shouldn't cost 130k could be done for 70k. Also refurb could be done in less time and wood floor is not a good conductor for underfloor heating, could of saved money there. Never the less done a good finish

  3. This is Robbie Ross who also played for Newcastle Knights, Melbourne Storm, NSW, and a test for the Kangaroos… good to see a footie player investing his money in something that actually generates more money.

  4. Seriously this is the Only real property development video on Youtube. that show real people not some weird commercial etc. these are real guys and they explain how that met and it shows what you can do.I love it

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