Top Five Things to Know Before Investing in Real Estate Drew Levin from Snap Flip shares his “Top 5 Things to Know Before Investing in Real Estate”. These five steps were formed from years of actual experience and are part of the formula that have made Drew and Danny successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

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5 thoughts on “Top Five Things to Know Before Investing in Real Estate”

  1. Would love to do a shout out for a shout out on each of our channels. Email me if interested. I am a new and upcoming business channel here on youtube.

  2. Thank you so much 4 this vid! Really straightforward. I’m a computer programmer and also 25 living in San Juan Puerto Rico. Prices are low right now and I live in an up and coming neighborhood and I want to invest in real state. Subscribed!

  3. How did you find that there was a high demand for college rentals? How do you find what types of real estate are selling?

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