Tijuana Condo Boom: The New San Diego? | San Diego Union-Tribune

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8 thoughts on “Tijuana Condo Boom: The New San Diego? | San Diego Union-Tribune”

  1. Why the earthquake in Mexico killed thousands of people and many buildings collapsed?
    Because Mexico's best day laborers are here in the U.S..

  2. There’s a lot of cartel violence in down town Tijuana I’m sure the white people would leave the moment they see some crazy shit

  3. Yeah I get it prices are crazy in San Diego I lived here all my life and I cross a lot to visit family but the crime rate in Tijuana is ridiculous it's getting worse every year I love visiting but I would definitely not live there

  4. Ignorance and stereotype is evident in some of the comments, granted the average worker cant afford to pay $200,00.00 or more for condo, but the fact that most of this developments ara either sold out or close to, is proof that there is plenty of people that can afford to buy at this price range, and most are Mexican nationals from all over the country.

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