10 thoughts on “The Vancouver Bubble – Vancouver Real Estate”

  1. Rentals are irrelevant once they get high enough unless wages keep pace which they haven't and simply cannot in Vancouver as the pricing of nearly everything is about the most expensive of anywhere in North America sans power and water. Gas, food, booze, consumer goods, travel, etc have all gone way up in cost and wages have barely moved + business has slowed to a crawl outside of industries dealing with BC Real Estate which, talk to any developer, are also now slowing as banks are putting a hurt on lending as they see red flags everywhere right now.
    I was at a birthday party today on the West Side with a lot of 20-30 year old techs and engineers and a few 40 somethings.
    Housing came up and not one person wasn't livid with how it has been handled and even in that group of most people earning $70-$120k no on thinks they will buy in Vancouver and are all looking for exit strategies… VS the 40 somethings who have all moved to part time work and supplemented with their existing houses they have on mortgage in their late 20s and are renting out. When asked they all said there is zero chance they could buy again unless they sold and they are worried about selling because prices are so high if they had to buy back.
    Aside from the few who own places I don't meet anyone from BC who is contemplating buying property in or near Vancouver anymore, even real estate agents and developers.

  2. I prefer companies who doesn't pay dividends.
    Dividends are companies who doesn't know how to invest their gains (poor asset allocation).

    The best way is reinvest in company to continues growing.

  3. What do you think about VanCity deciding to pre-approve all single family homes for duplex zoning. Is this going to increase that much needed supply? Is downtown going to pre-approve 75 to 100 storeys which would be similar?

  4. While I agree w/ what you said about those bubbles, you cannot compare Vancouver Real Estate as the same way. Why not compare real estate bubble w/ real estate bubbles? What about the financial crisis bubble in US? what about the housing market bubble in Japan? Greece? Better to compare a housing bubble with a housing bubble.

  5. Hey there,
    I just like to say, as the market slows, and prices fall, and this correction or burst happens, you make more videos saying the same garbage.
    Like your life depends on it. HAHA
    Your video's are entertaining but have very little substance and are very repetitive. You sound like a broken record, or junkie mumbling the same thing over and over. LOL " prices will be high in 30 years, its not a bubble, rents are gonna go up forever"
    Why don't you make some content with some real facts and data, but i guess you are a good gauge of what will NOT happen. SHEEP!
    Ne ways keep up the panic attack videos, very entertaining. = )

  6. Do you see supply becoming a issue? I thought i read that there are currently more there are currently more projects breaking ground right now than in the past (not sure if that’s true or not). I’ve also read that 30% of local gdp comes from housing. If rates continue to go up do you see demand continuing to slow? I just visited friends in Australia where their markets are showing significant signs of strain. Appreciate your videos.

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