The Difference Between A BROKER and a SALESPERSON in Real Estate?

There IS a difference between a broker and salesperson in real estate, and it isn’t as big as you think. As a broker, you can act independently and hire agents under you, other than that, there is no difference. I do a quick breakdown in this video, enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “The Difference Between A BROKER and a SALESPERSON in Real Estate?”

  1. So, if you are a Broker and have agents under you, and they sell a house, does part of that sale come to you as commission? Or no?

  2. HI Bryan, actually, if you have a Bachelor's Degree, this does not help you go for your Broker's license anymore, I believe it was as of January 1, 2013, From what I remember, when I was applying to get my license back in  summer of 2012, I was first going to  get my Sales License, but I found out thru reading the BRE Website, if a person has a Bachelor's degree, they can go straight for their Broker's license with no experience necessary (in Sales), which that's what I did, I skipped the 2 Yrs. and went for my Broker's, Having a Bachelor's won't help you anymore, you either, 1. have to have 2 Yrs. experience as a sales agent, 2. be a General Contractor for "x" amount of years and have flipped houses and apply straight for your Broker's. 3. Have like a Bachelor's in Real Estate from a University, and 4. Have relevant experience in Real Estate, for example, Property Management, Escrow Officer/Assistant and/or be an MLO. The way I started was in Property Management in early 2008, and since I had a "RELEVANT EXPERIENCE" and a Bachelor's, I was able to apply for the Broker's. Any Relevant Experience needed to be verified and confirmed by filling out a forms from BRE, then  BRE would confirm the information with your immediate  Manager.Well, that's at least how the regulations were when I applied for my license, it could have changed by now.P.S Sorry for the Long Comment.

  3. The school that I'm enrolled in called whatever agent working the transaction the broker. Made things very very confusing. Thank you very much for clearing that up haha.

  4. Besides opening your own company What other advantage of being a broker? Do they get a cut to a deal if one of there agent gets a sale?

  5. BC, so…. technically you CAN'T work alone after obtaining your agent license??? I'm asking this because you said that you have to hang your license with a broker..

  6. can you explain the team concept ? are all realtors working for you or how it the breakdown to include commissions? thx for all the amazing information

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