The 3 Renovations That Are a Waste of Money In a Rental Property

The 3 Renovations That Are a Waste of Money In a Rental Property

A successful landlord knows that a rental property rehab should focus on the main mechanicals and main systems of the house. When you start spending money that doesn’t need to be spent then you cut into your ROI or return on investment. In this video Clayton shows you 3 key renovations are a total waste of money in a rental property.







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  1. The rehabs you will do on your own house are not the same as you would need to do on a property you're renting out. Ignore HGTV and listen to Clayton instead 😉

  2. Disagree on first point of counter tops, when water gets in wood or heat marks get on the plastic you will be replacing for each tenant meaning a lot of replacing and the cost of installation each time. Peoples work is more expensive in many places than material costs. I am not sure where you are, may be different.

  3. I somehow disagree with 1 and 3, tenants do want to be able to enjoy new things in the house for what they're paying for and actually the newer the property the better, like up to date bathrooms and kitchens, its much more easier to get rented out and could save you a lot of money on vacancy costs, just got to watch out for other rental properties that were competing with your rental property like you said its a people's business.

  4. I have a rental house that's been sitting for awhile because I'm using it from time to time. Anyway start working on it again recently to get it ready for rental again. Used to be at three bedroom one bath with formal dining room. I ended up turning the dining room into a living room. Now the original living room is a 4th bedroom on the ground floor. Where I'm at if you rent Section 8 they pay by the bedrooms. There is enough room upstairs to put a quarter bath. Have not decided if I want to spend on that yet. I do all the work myself so it's just a matter of materials.

  5. quick version…
    1. Formica kitchen counter top is fine, don't upgrade to granite.
    2. don't lose a bedroom to make a master suite.
    3. keep bathroom upgrades minimal, no double sinks, bubble baths, etc.

    all if this advice is targeted at class c and class b- areas.

    if you thumb this comment to the top it might save future viewers time.

  6. Couldn't agree with you more. Know your target market. In most situations going nuts is nuts. My buddy drops insane amounts of money on granite and Marvin Windows to rent to college kids. Money that he will never see again!

  7. this guys my new best friend, now I just have to convince the wife that I was right all along this video is my savior lol. Times to put down my tool belt 😉

  8. If anyone see's formica countertops, cheap cabinets and formica floors,
    or places that have been put together with shitty materials with scotch tape, spit and elmer's glue, stay away from this kind of rentals. Landlords loves painting over rots just to rent the place.
    Thank the house gods I purchased my own home. I couldnt stand the abuses from landlords anymore & rent hikes whenever they pleased. I got tired of paying someone elses mortgage.
    because that is what tenants are doing, they are paying someone else's mortgage, they are paying off someone else's house. Build your credit, and buy your own place.
    Further out from major cities you are the cheaper the cost of your house will be. stop paying for someone else's property.

  9. Here is another one……. Are you making a music video or an informational video. Don't overbear your speaking with music as it is too distracting.

  10. he is right…only need to make as nice as what is around you. sense putting granite counter tops and nice porcelain floor tile in a lower income type neighborhood…rent is gonna be the same no matter what.

  11. Great info Morris, we're going to miss you on FOX. I know this is an older video, hopefully future ones you've toned down the background music, needs just to be soft, not over powering your voice. Great job!

  12. I agree about not reducing the number of bedrooms. Conversely, if there is evidence that has been done, it pays to add the additional bedroom.

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