15 thoughts on “The 2 Reasons Most Real Estate Investors & Developers Fail!”

  1. Running and Understanding ARV is critically important in the particular type of Real Estate Investing I do.

  2. Aye Jay I overstand going hard and intensity! but how do you feel about the concept of working smarter and not harder…. I recently finished a book on that, and it made good points about going so hard that…

  3. True the lame ducks want to read all the books in stocks or real estate, sad no natural ability they are always looking for the some magical puffy formula.

  4. That's real; the truth hurts, more that likely if it don't hurt it ain't so. Jay dropped that real talk!!!

  5. sent my homeboy two of your books "LORD OF MY LAND" and "THE SOLUTION" hes doing federal time in jersey… hopefully it has him on a different mindset when he gets out i told him if he ever gets a chance to check out your videos on here…

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