STR 003: Real Estate Investing In Atlanta with Tomond Jack

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STR 003- Real Estate Broker Tomond Jack Talks About The Benefits Of Real Estate Investing In Atlanta

Tomond is a full-time real estate entrepreneur with more than 15 years of real estate, accounting and finance experience. He is the Owner and Founder of Jack Davis Realty, LLC, a real estate brokerage firm serving residential real estate investors and homeowners across metro Atlanta.

Tomond is an expert in the Atlanta real estate market, one of the best and unique investing markets in the U.S. for single family and small multi-family homes. I was excited to have him on the show and give us his insight into the Atlanta Real Estate Market.

Show Notes
1:08 Tomond’s Real Estate Background.

6:09 Tomond’s Thought’s On Real Estate Investing in 2015 Going Into 2016 in Atlanta.

7:53 What Makes Atlanta So Attractive to Outside Real Estate Investors?

9:01 The Atlanta Belt Line Project ( Atlanta Beltline Organization)

9:46 What Outside Real Estate Investors Should Know Before Investing In the Atlanta Real Estate Market.

12:35 The Challenges for Outside Investors Looking To Invest In Atlanta.

13:37 Which Property Type or Asset Class In Atlanta Gives The Best ROI?

16:39 Thoughts On Atlanta’s Rental Market.

17:22 Thoughts On Finding Good Property Management In Atlanta for the Outside Real Estate Investor.

23:00 If I’m Selling My Investment Property In Atlanta. What Are Average Days On The Market?

26:38 Tomond Gives His Thoughts On How Long We Can Expect The Real Estate Market Will Continue To Flourish In Atlanta.

28:11 Closing Thoughts For Outside Investors Looking To Buy Property In Atlanta.

31:02 How You Can Reach Tomond Jack.

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