STOCKS VS. REAL ESTATE – Which has a better Return on Investment?

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate? This video is a brief overview of the differences between investing your money into stocks versus into real estate. I go over the pros and cons of each, and applicable scenarios to get you on your way into real estate investing. Comment below and tell me what the next video should be about.

Animated by Jake Wincek-

20 thoughts on “STOCKS VS. REAL ESTATE – Which has a better Return on Investment?”

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  2. Incredibly biased. Why not buy a distressed group of socks on a market downturn? What about doing this in a tax differed acount also? Can you do that with property… maybe a reit, if your desperate for property? I especially liked the comment about "you can just raise the rent", did you know that coca cola had a return on capital of 21% per year between 2005 and 2015? All this and during the financial crisis too! Please research before giving bad advice, and thats my advice. Proper nonsense. Nice video though

  3. I personally believe this video is a bit biest there is some good information in there tho I personally think it’s important to diversify your investments I Personally invest in real estate and the stock market

  4. FB this year 70% – last year ~20%
    Microsoft 32% – last year 22%
    Alibaba ~100% – last year ~20%

    The only way you can do 5-8% return on stock is when you dont understand the market.
    Real estate is way more risky and you dont say you sell a house or an appartment just like that
    If you region is saturated, u gonna endup with debt on your back

    I agree that real estate can be a good investment if u know what you are doing, but there is a lots of wrong information in your video about stock market.
    As much as you need to know what you're doing in Real Estate, the same is to applied in stock, but stock market is way less risky that real estate.

  5. Hmm sorta like what color smells better? Blue or chicken? If you are a real investor you can make great returns with any investment vehicle because you analyze and CONTROL your investments and your ROI at ENTRY. I achieve returns of between 2-7% per month because I won't enter an investment that returns less than that. Real estate or any other asset class can be a black hole to a moron who doesn't know what they are doing. Real estate is illiquid, slow, a source of high liability, and can be a leverage nightmare in a downturn, leaving you helpless and indebted to your creditors. The goal isn't to position yourself to merely survive market corrections. You position yourself to perform good enough in good market corrections and perform even better when things turn south. Then you have complete control over your success. That is impossible to achieve in real estate even if you are a cash buyer. Market problems cause credit to dry up, tenants to lose jobs, banks to call notes, vacancies to rise, values to fall, and with no way to hedge against those factors, you are hung out to dry.

  6. Diversify. Do stocks (vanguard index funds and let it sit) and also real estate (rentals; flip only if you know how but the market is too high to do it easily right now). Save your money and invest it in both stocks and real estate (assuming you've paid off your other debts) because if you let it just sit there in the bank you're actually losing money after inflation. If you can do all this then you can reach financial independence in the next ten years — either completely retired or at least semi-retired working 3 days a week doing something you enjoy!

  7. So I'm making an 50% return right now on my shares in Boeing, 20% return on wynn resorts and 10% return on my shares in Apple, Facebook and Microsoft….. even if I retired and the share price dropped, if my portfolio is large enough I could make 1000s in dividends every year. Equivalent to the rental properties.

  8. I love your videos man. Even though most of the things you say I already know since I've been learning and reading for the past 2 years. I still have to watch because I'm just that passionate. Keep up the good work!! 22 years old buying a six unit apartment by the beginning of next year.

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