St George Utah Real Estate- NO MONEY DOWN!… Put my negotiating skills to work for you and let’s get you into southern Utah real estate for no money down, zero, nada…nothing down. Hey I even get you your earnest money back! I can do this for you too. Call me and let’s go fi9nd your brand new home for no money down!!!

3 thoughts on “St George Utah Real Estate- NO MONEY DOWN!”

  1. I'm gonna use you when i move to Utah in 2018 or 2019 —hopefully in 2018, my sister is going there first , can you still do these deals? Hurricane is okay for me .

  2. Hi. That's a grand deal, but the question is how much are the new owners paying each month on there morgage with no money down? Maybe if they use a grant on top of a V.A if that's even possible? It's the monthly payment that normally makes people have to work themselves to death to pay it. Take care. Hawk out!!

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