Southern California Housing Bubble Market Shift? Inventory Triples, Sales Decline

Has the housing shortage come to an end in Southern California? As of June 28, homeowners putting their property on the market in the four-county region covered by the Southern California added 9,334 homes to the market so far this year vs. 2017’s 2,939 – a huge 218 percent jump. Yes, the rate of listing homes for sale has tripled!
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20 thoughts on “Southern California Housing Bubble Market Shift? Inventory Triples, Sales Decline”

  1. This is good news if inventory is up, the important thing is to get something you want. There was nothing good on the market in the so called crash, not unless you went outside LA, as you can today and that’s expected to increase dramatically in 5 years where I live. Look if you are spending money you usually don’t after savings and expenses you should buy a home. Stop the overspending and pay yourself.

  2. Companies large and small are leaving California as quickly as possible. If a company stays in CA, it typically expands in business friendly states and keeps a tiny Corporate staff in California. To keep the bloated state Government going the state of CA keeps raising taxes and other costs on those companies and people who choose to stay there.

  3. In the city of Azusa at the base of the San Gabriel mountains east of Los Angeles. The housing inventory is something like 60% Chinese foreign investor owned.


  5. Rates increases almost always foretell a recession and a drop in "asset" prices. Trump is fighting to delay that megarecession/depression until after his reelection.

    Like lambs to the slaughter……..I'm the wolf waiting with cash to capitalize on other's poor decisions….again

  6. It is your massive immigration and foreign home buying that you do not have enough homes.
    Not more American families.

  7. Affordability is still good in many areas guys. California has not topped. It may have stalled but I will be surprised if it drops. That would be something that has never happened before in Southern California. I flipped 650 homes from 2009 to 2016 so I know a little but about it.

  8. <~~~ small business owner. The last round of tax cuts made my taxable income and personal income $0 (specifically the corker amendment double dip loophole and how SALT cap doesn't apply to business properties). My taxable income will be so much below $0 that I won't need to take as much depreciation as I am allowed. Another round of tax cuts will only mean I get to save even more of my depreciation tax deduction for future years when taxes are higher.

  9. The root cause of today's housing bubble is the buying spree by Chinese investors who pay cash for their properties in California, Washington State, NYC, etc., not sub-prime lendings.

    As a result, it inflated home prices in neighboring states as locals could no longer afford homes in their States so they moved.

    Voila – a bubble is formed!

    But this bubble will pop soon due to Trump's tariffs on China, which will impoverish their country, forcing them to liquidate their properties in America so they can eat in China.

    This will cause housing prices in America to drop big time!

    I predict prices in places like Southern California will drop by 1/3 to 1/2 by 2021.

  10. I got fed up with all the Ca taxes and regulations. I sold my assets and moved to Texas June 1st. couldn't be happier!

  11. San Diego just passed a “no more short term vacation rentals” law. I think that will cause a flood of beach area homes and condos to hit the market. So many of me neighboring homes are just vacation rentals. These people who live in AZ and own them for the income will probably start unloading soon.

  12. In Beverly Hills, there are an increasing number of commercial real estate offices hitting the market….and staying there.

  13. The China effect on California also has allot to do with the growing aging population an the poor safety net of this country. If you have money in China you are more likely going to be a target by the government to pay higher taxes to support the elderly. Most of these elderly are former cheap slave labor in the manufacturing sector who made the sacrifice to live on low income. You can see these people picking up garbage on the street in old age. They are dirt poor. This has lead to the fear of becoming like these poor people so money has been outflowing abroad to escape having to pay the less fortunate ones on the bottom.

  14. The part in your commentary regarding attracting more skill labor also increases the risk of inflation to the economy not just in California but the country and for exported products. Any increase in labor cost has to be made up for in the price of products and services. It makes no sense for the housing market to also have some people absorbing a larger salary where the business must take drastic measure to eliminate jobs or never raise pay for other employees. This how California is operating where we can see extreme inequality. Who can live here an avoid the growing homeless problem an not be critical about the quality of life?

  15. You are missing some other major issues you should investigate an that will really do more damage to the real estate market moving forward that have greatest impact on human lives. The most serious problem is the growing rate of empty nester homeowners over age 55 and up. It’s 1 in 3 homeowners that are going to control ownership of property. We are looking at a social humanitarian crisis as more of these homeowners believe or choose to age in place start dealing with medical, assisted living care and retirement funding. Most people want to avoid talking about or getting to know the real problems people will face trying live independently in old age until death. It’s a disaster story for the housing market because it’s going to be difficult selling when these people are going to wait to long to relocate to a elderly care residence when they can take of themselves. The housing market will become a flooded landscape.

  16. I was thinking about moving from California too Denver but it’s gotten expensive there too now considering Vegas

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