SMH: White Woman Calls The Cops On A Black Real Estate Investor Who’s Inspecting A House Next Door!

Michael Hayes, a real estate investor in Memphis, Tenn., went to a house that was in desperate need of a fixing up to inspect it. It was at that point, he said, that a woman came out of a neighboring house demanding to know what he was doing. Ever affable, Hayes said that he readily showed the woman his investment contract, which showed that he had permission to work on the house, as well as the written permission he received from the homeowner. Still, Karen the woman wouldn’t be swayed and called the police anyway.

15 thoughts on “SMH: White Woman Calls The Cops On A Black Real Estate Investor Who’s Inspecting A House Next Door!”

  1. Black ppl are that poewrful that we scare the white race….not economic but because of our curse of the most high…which who are favored so they take any advantage to CON……demn our ppl….love all good soul ppl….but I'm awoke….Hebrew Favoured!

  2. God is good. This guy could have been killed when he waved at the cop. Seriously. This is how we have to live our lives every day.

  3. When the officer said:"I don't care if you were friends with the President "! Lol I'm really proud of the man and how the situation went!

  4. yo i swear white women not all of them but the men as well from my experience are like assistance of Satan. I remember when I was 19 years old it was me, my dad, and an architect i was helping my dad with inspection of a house that was being built and was still under construction so to make a long story short there was a worker who claimed he so-called lost his phone and he started to accuse me my dad and the architect for obviously stealing his cell phone and threatened to use one of the other worker's phone to call the cops on us because the three of us were obviously black so we my dad went extremely off this Freddie kruger looking nerdy-ass motherfucker that he also had the nerve to have all of us check our pockets we never went back to that site again. It just goes to show you that we still live in a world of prejudice and racism some people would think that racism had disappeared but it still exists not only in this country but around the world as well.

  5. As a Memphian, if I have a chance to do business with Hayes Investment, I will be glad to! Very educational video about stereotypes and what some people, out of such ignorance, would believe just from seeing a person's color. Thank you for sharing and hope you have a very successful business!

  6. There are white folks that believe that the police's main job is to keep blacks in line . Even when they are breaking no laws. This is what we mean by white privilege. The officers in this case handled the situation perfectly but in many cases the police immediately take the side of a white person that calls them .

  7. It’s fucked up that we have to continuously explain ourselves to ppl when we aren’t doing anything wrong. He was out making money. WTF was SHE doing?? Good luck, sir on your house and future endeavors. We gotta keep those cams rolling, ppl!

  8. It's fear what white people make them call the cops.and if u fear samebady without reason ,it kills u inside you.thy don't no that

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