Single Family Rental – Pros and Cons of Investing In Single Family Rentals –
What Are The Pros and Cons of Single Family Rentals? Here’s a Video On Investing In Real Estate Rental Properties…

Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got a quick video on buying and holding real estate.

Many investors I talk to look for the quick pay day real estate strategy, and I don’t blame them, but what happens when the market’s inventory dips below the demand for them? That’s why it’s important to expand your investment strategies so you can cater to whatever market you are in.

Perhaps one of the more common forms of investing, the “buy and hold strategy”, involves purchasing a property and renting it out for an extended period of time. (aka. rental property)

Single Family Rental Pro’s
– Good investment strategy when wholesale inventory is low
– There are ‘No Money Down’ strategies – seller finance
– Caters to most ALL real estate markets around the world
– Great way to build equity/assets
– Monthly Cash Flow
– Tax Benefits – depreciation
– Used as collateral to invest in more real estate
– Cash-in on the appreciation
– Easily converted to a Full Time Business
– Better return on your money than CD’s and money market
– Paying off your mortgage using someone else’s money

Single Family Rental Con’s
– Additional Property Taxes
– Dealing with tenants
– Rehab and Maintenance
– Vacancies
– Need contractors on-call

Ultimately, there is much more to Buy and Hold than meets the eye, but if you take the time to learn how to evaluate and buy good deals, find quality tenants, and manage them properly, you’re going to be on your path to running a successful business. Remember, it’s not always about the quick flips and quick pay days, try to keep 1 out of every 3 deals you flip, turn it into rental investment and watch your monthly income increase exponentially.

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  1. Real estate is rarely a good investment according to the world's leading investment mind and the man who predicted every detail of the financial collapse. These real estate guys are sharks. If real estate is such a great deal why are they always pitching this crap?

  2. This was my first time viewing your channel. I loved this video. I look forward to watching a few more and if they are all of this quality I will surely subscribe.

  3. Hi my name is Devon Hedgemon and this video really answered all my questions and gave me more confidence. You were very clear in this video and very understanding and I planned on buying rental property several of them I have a great understanding about how rental property and the fact there all ways are in demand that's why I want to really do this im aware of the pros and cons and I would appreciate if u can email me for more info that could help me thank you

  4. Please let me know if your network is interested in discovering investment opportunities in San Antonio TX with build to rent 4plexes.

  5. I always like videos where people focus on the positive. I know there are pitfalls, but a little encouragement goes along way for someone looking to get into the real estate game.

  6. When getting into rei is there a way to have like a mentor go through your first purchase with you, do they do that?

  7. Frank, As always, your enthusiasm for Real Estate Investing helps you to make another great video. We not only learn, but also get a needed cheering along from you. Have a Better One!

  8. Ohh first!!! Thanks Frank. You've helped take this newbie to a well performing portfolio in 18 months. Last night committed to be project manager of a new partnership. Learning and growing every day.

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