Secretly owned properties – BBC London News

Who owns the property next to you? The answer could be more surprising than you think. An investigation by an anti-corruption group has found that nearly 38,000 properties in London are owned by offshore companies. Critics are now concerned about the number of properties not registered in the UK and say it’s sometimes used as a method to launder money. Tolu Adeoye reports

19 thoughts on “Secretly owned properties – BBC London News”

  1. That's great
    How many terrorist on the watch list have you discovered in the uk
    O none that's great
    I will thank the mayor for that

  2. people moan about everything just shut up and be happy that theirs people that want to contribute towards this shitholes economy. do you know how many successful individuals properties that would be getting vandalized etc if their information where so easy to gain, you'll have idiots that would attempt to harm public figures, people are acting like their isnt mentally challenged individuals out there i can see why people would want to keep their information disclosed

  3. Seriously …… do you think the Revenue who collect billions in stamp duty & boroughs who collect millions from council tax really care ??????

    And “legitimate reasons for off shore money” say’s the accountant who probably (no I’m not specifically accusing him) 20+ years ago recommended such schemes to hide his clients money in the first place !!!!! ……… no corruption or back handlers going on there then LOL !!!

  4. British people can't afford to buy homes in the Uk, so they buy abroad. Foreign billionaire's buy houses in uk because, they're the only ones that can afford the ridiculous prices! BBC is known fake news, so beware!

  5. What a stupid dead end story… What is a public registry gonna do for someone lookimg for a place to rent… This information would be much better in the hands of Police.. I don't get what they expect to achieve?

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