San Diego Realtor | Garage Conversion | Youtube Tips for Real Estate Channels

San Diego Real Estate Broker, Realtor George Kenner shares some tips for home sellers and Realtors about using video to sell home and gain professional recognition . How do you aid seller in 2018 without using Real Estate video and Youtube? George believes it is impossible to help clients and not use video.

George mentions three links to end card tutorials so you need not do the same research he did to learn the Youtube end card system
Here are the links.

Nick Nimmin

Derral Eves

Roberto Blake (live chat)

George Kenner is a San Diego Realtor & Real Estate Broker and as is customary in California Brokers must display their Department of Real Estate Licence Number. George’s number is 01229951.

Along with being a Broker George has also been reciepant of Realtor of the Year honors and California Assoicaiton of Realtors, Champion of Home Award. You can see a short video that details why George was given these honors at .

George also contributes his video skills to charities and his local Realtor Association and will consider working for free for any charity. If you have a video project to discuss with George please do not hesitate to call him at 619-723-5714

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