Rustic Goosneck Tiny House for sale in South Carolina $57k

Rustic Goosneck Tiny House for sale in South Carolina $57k
Price $57,000.00 House Size 350.00 sq ft
Bathrooms 1.00 Bedrooms 1
Hello, my name is Spencer Sousa and I am a tinyhouse builder located in Conway, SC. I recently completed this build and I am excited to bring it to the tinyhouse market! This is a totally custom home made with a lot of locally milled lumber and is built to last. If you are interested in purchasing this tinyhouse, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. Thank you! Also, check out the video tour of this tinyhouse!

-Total length of the home is 39ft, height is 13’4″ and width is 8’6″
-350 sq. ft.
– Two sleeping lofts and one Attic/storage loft

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7 thoughts on “Rustic Goosneck Tiny House for sale in South Carolina $57k”

  1. You barely showed any of the inside, you showed an empty loft vs a living room downstairs, you showed a stove rather than the whole kitchen "slowly and "clearly. What little you see of the sink is blurry and from a distance. It's a beautiful place, a bit too much dark, but that can be changed. I would have like to see more inside and storage features and size of shower. It vlog was too short and showed non of the important features. It's like teasing people and then expect us to rush right out….which I'm sure some may do, but as much as I want to buy, I cannot with this few details……and I'm a SUBSCRIBER hoping to find my dream home…my last home….and land too, if possible. And, I actually want to move back to South Carolina! Appreciate you sharing, maybe you can redo it. Hope so! L 🙂

  2. I think you could have done a much better job of showing this place. It has a lot of pluses but you didn't bother to show them off. What a shame!

  3. Oh is a hope….my daughter lives there….love it…love lt…love lt…you’ll be hearing from me pronto

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