Renting A House: My First Property (The Most Important Advice)

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Renting A House: My First Property (The Most Important Advice)

FREE COURSE – 5 Learning Mistakes Software Developers Make

If buying a house is a big decision, finding a house for rent is not in any way smaller. Finding the right apartment to rent is a big decision as it affects your life and lifestyle.

Whether one side of the story says respect to people looking for a home to rent, in this video I’m going to talk about real estate business.

One of the most important things, for example, is to not rent to anyone before checking credit history, references, and background.

In this video, I give some real estate advice for someone who is renting out their first property.


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19 thoughts on “Renting A House: My First Property (The Most Important Advice)”

  1. Is it just me or is renting out a house seem like the best thing ever? Once I get my stable job and good amount of savings (I'm still in college) I will buy a house, put down a nice down payment as he said. I'll make the renters pay for the mortgage with an ok profit for me. Over the years I would have made my money back in purchasing the place AND from then on I'm free and clear making PURE PROFIT???!! Of course I'm going to be doing some management and there's still maintenance cost but accounting for that its basically A FREE FLOW OF MONEY???? That's wonderful!!!!

  2. Good advice, thanks. But don't rent to family or friends yet treat it like a buisness? Would you not sell food from your grocery store to family and friends? Would you not let them get their oil changed at your shop? I think that's subjective.

  3. Hello, I'm 17 and I told my uncle I wanna buy a car because I've just passed, and I've saved up some money for a car and he goes and says buy a house out a deposit down and rent it out, just wondering can I do that at 18 and would it be hard buying a property for 6K ?

  4. Hey, I got my first house for $10k and put $6k into and rent it out for $750, there are more homes that have been foreclosed in the same area going for $20-80k, needing $10k+ in work, but can rent for $1500+ can I not think "short game" at this point?

  5. Disagree totally – I own 10 houses and manage them all alone, easy. You simply follow the law and take them to court/evict (ON THEIR record and will hurt bad). In Arizona they have 5 days to pay or get papers, nuff said. It should be like that in every state! You owe, you pay.

  6. as a 22 years old am I to late to invest rent and buy property? always been my dream and goal besides other things I wanna invest in

  7. what if I was paying all cash for the place? You think it still will take long to get the money back. I was thinking it will take me 4 years if I buy a three flat for about 80k

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