Rental Property Investing 101 – Get Started in 8 Steps

Thinking about getting involved with rental properties?

Looking forward to the wealth and passive income that rental properties can bring?

This video is designed to help you learn the eight steps needed to begin your rental property investing 101 journey. Taught by Brandon Turner, author of “The Book on Rental Property Investing,” you’ll learn how to:

– Make a Plan
– Choose your market
– Build your team
– Figure out Your Financing
– Start getting leads
– Analyze deals
– Offer and Negotiate
– Close and Manage

And much more. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Rental Property Investing 101 – Get Started in 8 Steps”

  1. I really like these short videos that get straight to the point in a short amount of time. Keep em coming!

  2. hey brandon im 32, i pay a mortgage in ontario canada im thinking about buying a duplex what do you think?? its a few hours away but its the only thing i can afford right now

  3. House hack is great choice for your first place. Live there and learn it. Live for free or reduced rent after the payment. Read Brandon book on rental property investing it's awesome read. A must!

  4. Tell me if my long-term strategy is wrong.. I am saving now as much as I can (reasonably good amount), not taking action and only watching videos and thinking about books to read. By the time I get enough $$, I’ll contact the professionals, the ones who already do and succeed (like you) in this field to help me make good real estate investments.

  5. Im 19 years old, and I wanna start building my portfolio, can someone give me a piece of advice on what kind of property should I buy at first? A single family? Multifamily? Condo?

  6. Great vid, as usual. Hair looks great, trim that beard down, trust me Brandon, I've seen this fad before. Sorry, mom.

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