Rental Application Process Mistakes You’re Making! | 7 Rental Application Mistakes to Avoid

Arlington VA real estate agent and Realtor Matt Leighton goes through 7 common mistakes that people are making when they submit an application to rent a property.

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7 Rental Application Mistakes You Are Making:

0:45 – Negotiating before applying.
1:57 – Applying too far out.
3:56 – Not knowing your move-in date.
5:55 – Not including your SSN.
6:49 – Not explaining any credit issues.
8:20 – Not having the first month of rent ready
10:12 – Not knowing how many roommates you have

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These tips are mostly based on Virginia rental applications. While your state may have the same or similar procedures, be sure to check with your local real estate agent on the best way to apply for a rental property.

Matt Leighton – Arlington VA Real Estate Agent
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Arlington, VA 22201

17 thoughts on “Rental Application Process Mistakes You’re Making! | 7 Rental Application Mistakes to Avoid”

  1. I definitely have to find out how many people will be living with me!!!!!!!!!!!! That is REALLY dangerous…………

  2. I disagree about how long a landlord will hold a property for you. I'm currently looking and several places I have looked at don't have apartments available for another 2 or 3 months, however they are willing to hold them if I wanted to put a deposit down on one of them – and I have at one apartment complex. It is the end of August now and my move in date isn't until Nov. 1. This works for me because I didn't want to move until then anyway. So I guess it depends on the place.

  3. Other problem is landlords or agents charging an astronomical amount of money for the application fee. There is absolutely no reason an application fee should be more than 30 bucks, any more than that, I automatically move on as I know theyll get the money, find a reason to deny, and keep the money.

  4. low credit but high income, fiance started his own business so combined we are bringing in close to 8k a month but our credit scores aren't high. Would a landlord be willing work with us?

  5. as a teen moving out for the first time, I have no credit, can i still get an apartment? i also am about to get a job. i start thursday. so i dont have 3 months of stable income (which the application im applying for requires) what do i do?

  6. So let's say I rent an apartment, but didn't put my girlfriend on the lease because we weren't aware how things would go. I'm not allowed to go back and ask the landlord if she can be put on the lease later? And 2. Let's say I do put her on the lease, but I'm the one that's going to pay the bills because she is currently unemployed. Will she still be expected to pay because she's on the lease?

  7. He is giving advice on renting a place where the landlord is trying to get rich. There are other landlords who just want someone get a long with. I've even heard landlords that are looking for parties.

  8. So i have no credit and my boyfriend has lowish credit we are looking for a place more than 3x the income most landlords in so cal will only hold a unit for 2 weeks with a deposit so Its almost impossible to give my sister notice when slum Lords are crazy i have a service dog and i feel like I'm going to have to fight for everything every place wants 2 months deposit and the rent so 3 actual rent payments only 2 weeks notice and most places want 3 past rental historys 750 credit score and no pets so it's been rough…

  9. very agent bias talk…..I would NEVER give an application unless we are set on a rental price! and I can tell you I have good credit – believe it or not but price is contingent on it so who cares…. and yes you can look early at a place and then know where your going to move depending on whats open there…. you can atleast know you want to move there when ready… you have to give 2 months notice so how can you give notice if you don't know where your going?? but u say 2 months way 2 soon to view places?? very deceptive… I would never use you and you lose a lot of critical thinking renters with your thinking here – Ive been in my place 10 years and paid over 150th with no updates…… u lose that income with all this nonsense…

  10. Rookie landlord mistake, assuming that because someone has a decent credit score and a clean background they’re going to be a fantastic renter. Some of the absolute worst people haven’t been caught yet and maintain that clean background. Credit scores are overrated, it doesn’t define people down to a guarantee.

  11. how do i provide proof of income if ive been unemployed and sold my house to move a city where im going to get a job

  12. That's all well and good, Matt, but what if you're a single, white, heterosexual male whose only rental
    history is in established share-houses due to consistently being refused on the basis of being a single, white, heterosexual male?

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