Real Estate – Two Arrows – Live in San Francisco

Real Estate – Two Arrows (Circus) (New Song) – San Francisco, Live, 6-27-16, 1st row, The Chapel. Martin Courtney: Thanks for listening to all the new songs. We’ll be back real soon… tomorrow. lol First night of their sold-out 3-night residency in SF.

Other Tidbits:

Alex Bleeker: It’s so nice to play here… San Francisco… I like it so much I moved here!

I got to talk with several of the band members after the shows and they all autographed my tour poster, which was very nice. The tour was also the first tour with new member Julian Lynch as the guitarist. Matt Mondanile is currently focusing on Ducktails, which, coincidentally is performing in SF later this month!

Matt Kallman is also from the SF Bay Area. “Has anyone here ever been to San Carlos, California?” (fans cheer) “The first song is a new song. You heard it here first!”

Many of the new songs have temporary names and some don’t have any names at all.

Martin: I think that’s the first time we’ve played that song… ever.
Fan: What song was it?
Martin: Uh, there’s no name. We haven’t named any of the new songs yet, sorry. But we just finished recording all of them… we should probably name them… soon. lol

The new album is currently expected to come out around January 2017.

1. Talking Backwards
2. Green Aisles
3. Sleaze (New Song, live debut)
4. Harpsichord (New Song)
5. Crime
6. Suburban Dogs
7. Saturday (New Song)
8. Out of Tune
9. Darling (New Song)
10. Had to Hear
11. 43 Beacon (New Song, live debut)
12. Wonder Years
13. Circus (New Song)
14. Beach Comber

15. December 7 (New Song)
16. It’s Real

Real Estate
Terry Malts

Real Estate – San Francisco Residency 2016, Jun. 27,28,29

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  1. They played this in Madison and I couldn't stop myself from yelling "YEAH!" like the guy you can hear in this video. Such a good song.

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