Real Estate Math Made Easy – The Donaldson Method (Part 1)

For more than 40 years Donaldson Real Estate School has prepared students effectively for the real estate exam. A major part of student success is their mastery of the real estate math portion of the test. In this video, Chris will explain what we call our “secret sauce” to mastering real estate math: The Donaldson Math Circle. The Donaldson real estate math circle helps applicants preparing for their real estate exam by breaking down many of the algebraic formulas needed to pass the test into one simple to use system.


Donaldson Educational Services is the #1 source for professional exam preparation, pre-license education, post-licensing, and continuing education in a variety of industries. Featuring programs to gain a real estate license, insurance license, mortgage license, appraisal license, home inspection license – Donaldson is truly a one stop shop for your professional education needs.

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19 thoughts on “Real Estate Math Made Easy – The Donaldson Method (Part 1)”

  1. Kinda confused cause other videos and books I've studied show that the percentage goes on the bottom right not left.

  2. Um….. did you just draw a circle around a T-bar, then "presto-change-o" out came the new, never before seen Donaldson Method. You sneaky rat, lol.

  3. LOL the “Donnie circle” sounds like a new kids on the block cover band. Is he actually pretending that he came up with that formula and is calling it the “Donaldson formula” because if so God bless that man is a true salesman

  4. You are the man sir. I have looking at so many videos and your method is revolutionary! Thank you so very much.

  5. WOW!!! is that it. I was sitting in class yesterday thinking…I will never get this. This little 5 minute video has relieved lots of stress. Thank You!

  6. Where is part 2 of this video? Also does this just work for commissions or does this work for most math answers? For example: How much is the PI payment on a 7.25%, $200,000 mortgage, amortized over 30 years using the amortization factor of 6.82?

    How would I incorporate this answer to this circle?

  7. Do u give private tutoring? U have real clarity in the way u teach I'm so unsure about all the info ….I'm super confused with all the info

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