Real Estate Investor Websites – Setting Up Your Real Estate Investor Website –
A Real Estate Investor Website Is Essential To Your Success. Here’s How To Build Your Very Own Real Estate Investor Websites…

Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got quick video on how to build your own real estate investor website.

Choosing a Domain for Real Estate Investor Websites
– choose a .com
– name it after your business
– Keyword rich –
– keep it short, easy to remember and easy to spell – acronyms are ok if its easy to remember
– buy common misspellings of the url, and extensions, if possible, .net. org, etc…
– Domain Registrars –,,,
– Cost: Avg $10-$20/year

Choosing a Host for Real Estate Investing Website
– Where the domain pulls its content
– Free Web Hosting – WordPress,
– FTP Access – Download a free FTP client – transfer data to server, access for web designers
– File type restrictions – .gif, jpeg
– Reliability and speed of access – track record of servers going down? Research history and customer feedback. IF your site goes down, the viewer will go somewhere else.
– Site Building?
– Emails through the domain name? = congruency
– 1-3GB traffic per month is usually adequate for a simple site
– Go for value for money not cheapness.
– $4/month – $20/month

Functionality / Layout Design for Real Estate Investor Site
Once you have settled your domain name and web host, the next step is to design the website itself.

What do you need the investor site for?
– To find Buyers? Sellers? Private Lenders? REO Brokers?
– Design around the function
– Bio – explains your background and what you can do
– Buyer’s page – Include pictures of listings, contact forms, information about your properties, MLS#, etc…
– Seller’s Page – Contact form, includes information about seller’s property
– Private Lenders Page – Investment portfolio info
– Host’s website design, Free web designer software, Hire a web designer (ftp is for)

As you can see, there is a lot of thought that goes into building a real estate investing website. Starting out, it is rather inexpensive to create a basic real estate investor website. Once you have established a foundation, and a comfortable idea of how your website works, you can later focus on more advanced details like creative design, SEO, Google Ads, Blogs, etc…

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  1. I like  to build my real estate website  but i don't know how to build a website and how much going to  cost or where to go 😉

  2. i have a question its not related to this video though. If a person does a rent to own contract on a house and is renting it out is it possible for them to sell the property to somebody if offered more than the price on the contract by an investor ?

  3. Dot net and dot org are still great if you cannot attain the .com of a great keyword with good search volume. These are still top level extensions. I would not deride.

    these extensions at all, only the .info, co, and other non top level ext. Also, if your domain doesn't have good exact keyword search volume (lets say less than 1000 searches/month) Google Panda won't index it as well as an exact keyword that gets over 1000 per month. I'd rather have an over a non exact

  4. If I have a prospective seller that wants to sell his property, should I give the buyer the address of the property? How do I prevent the buyer contacting the seller prior to putting the property under contract?

  5. Helpful info—maybe you should make up website templates for your students. Just a thought. Gotta run–have three properties to look at today!

  6. I didn't follow everything you said here at first–it's just that you offer a LOT of information. After going through it a few times it became clearer. On whole nice job– Thx.

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  8. I like the fact that you include all the information below your video-You have provided a ton of helpful content here. Thx.

  9. Very creative idea. If the dot com is not available and you have to go with dot org or dot net–which out of those two do you feel is better.

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