Real Estate Investor Training –’s Whiteboard Wednesday #2

In this real estate investor training video Cody Speber from Clever Investor (click here for more top notch free training shows real estate investors how to turn a bad wholesale deal into a profitable flip by getting creative. Real estate wholesaling is a great way to earn CA$H NOW. Real savvy investors never let roadblocks get in their way. Instead they get creative and use their education and experiences to think of new or creative ways to achieve their goal – – profiting from real estate.

In this video I show you how to:

– Run The #’s On A Simple Wholesale Transaction
– Think Creatively When A Deal Goes South
– Create A Note And A Deed Of Trust
– Wholesale A Note To Another Investor

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7 thoughts on “Real Estate Investor Training –’s Whiteboard Wednesday #2”

  1. How much did you pay the Power Team/Escrow folks to create the Note/Deed paperwork?

    Also, there is a Realty Transfer Tax that you must pay (the amount is based on the sales price), which I didn't see being taken into consideration (I'm in Penn but know that AZ and many other states have such a thing).

    You also didn't show the INSURANCE on the property you'd have to maintain …

    Running the numbers this "good deal" would have resulted in over a $2500 LOSS in Penn, taking those extra costs into consideration.

  2. Hi Cody, thanks the great info. I have couple questions and hope to hear from you.
    1). When you ask your power team to help on the note creation, they will charge you some fee, won't they? If so, you may need to take it out from your profit.
    2). what do you think the fair price for the bird dog? In this case, looks like those bird dogs take 50% of the profit while you need to do a lot of work to complete it. Do you think it is fair?

  3. @ Cody. I'm extremely grateful for your willingness to share this information out-right. I have begun watching your other videos and am extremely enthused. Thank you again!

  4. Great presentation!

    We've been putting together lots of resources and podcasts for people interested in learning about these types of investments. Do a google search for Arixa trust deed investing FAQs for more info.

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