Real Estate Investment Trusts for Dummies Learn the basics of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), how to invest in them, the benefits as well as the disadvantages, are they right for you and perhaps most importantly, would it be better to invest in commercial real estate on your own versus in a REIT.

9 thoughts on “Real Estate Investment Trusts for Dummies”

  1. Can non-resident aliens ( i.e foreigners) buy US REITS's.? How liquid is investment in REIT's? How do I get info on comparative performance data? Is there an app for evualting best REIT's for investment?

  2. I have about 10-15% of my investments in REITs, with 75-80% in rental property that I own. Like all other investments, it is good to diversify to secure your money.

  3. Oh man, you have no idea how much of a perfect timing this is. I was just looking eREIT options a company sent me. Nice tie, by the way.

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