Real Estate Investing Tips

Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone capital which has $800 million AUM Shares five tips regarding investing in real estate.

19 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing Tips”

  1. i star watching GC about 8 Months ago, buy the booklet (keep in my pocket) rent my house and now looking for bldg units. next mnt going east coast w that purpose, tks GC to inspired me!
    Cash flow Mode.

  2. I’m trying to figure out what’s the best move I can make given my current situation. I get the generic topics. But to actually execute involves a lot more specifics. I listen to the shows, read the books and agree with everything. But Its still about applying it to my current situation. And it’s a progression. Doesn’t happen as fast as it seems when he’s explaining it. To him it is because he’s already done it for 25 years and he’s built on top of his aha moments that led him to where he is. Great inspiration but still have to find what that means for yourself.

  3. How do you obtain the capital to acquire the 16 unit building. $800k is a lot of money to put down, so how do you start Literally from ground zero. I’m an agent now and do wholesale. I’m working my way up, I get seven change the fact that I’m a long way away from that amount. So I shouldn’t even get involved in flips or anything at least to start?

  4. I love learning about this stuff Grant, keep it coming. I'm 24, and my goal is to own as many units as possible. Any knowledge that you think we should know, please send it our way.

  5. I love this clip uncle G! I really want to get started in real estate investing and I have one question. How do I get that $800k to invest in a 16 unit property? I don’t have that much money saved up.

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