Real Estate Investing for Dummies (NOT!)

A recent class on Fix and Flips made me consider asking for a refund. The class focused a lot on paint colors, war stories and Home Depot shopping tips, but skipped right over the key areas where most investors fall flat on their faces.

Please watch: “Surviving the Phoenix Summer”

1 thought on “Real Estate Investing for Dummies (NOT!)”

  1. Anyone can say they are a teacher.  You can be really good at DOING something, anything, but have NO idea how to teach it.  So, the guy may have some good knoweldge, and he  may knowhow to make money.  And now he knows he can make money posing as a teacher, when perhaps he is not.  We have ALL had bad, and I mean really bad teachers in school, usually the ones everyone hated.  Those are the ones who had a passion for their subject, and didn't know what else to do with that subject besides teach it.  So, it you want to learn from an expert, be sure that the expert is ALSO a good teacher, or you are wasating your time and money.  But then, that is redundant, since time = money in today's world.  

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