Real Estate Investing for Beginners First Basic Step

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10 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing for Beginners First Basic Step”

  1. Hope you're still around to comment on this. always enjoyed your videos, just curious though because I've never gotten just a straight forward few word answer on this question when i ask it. After you've a lot of research and you're feeling like its time to go and you've written out your real estate investing business plan and readied yourself mentally, what is the very first step after that ? Would you say it's looking for a real estate mentor ?

  2. Juan, really inspired by your videos bro. I'm just starting in the real estate investments but people like you gives even more reasons to jump on it that keep waiting for the right opportunity.

    I been researching for so long, like I'm not even jumping on a deal…. I need to change that!

  3. My plan isn't in real estate but you break it down easily for any goal. And I'm catching the motivation fever, so thanks!

  4. Juan Pablo….where have you been all of my You Tube life?? Your videos overflow with information and are easy to understand. Thank you so much for the insights!!

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