Real Estate Investing for Beginners

I absolutely love teaching real estate investing for beginners! Obviously, that’s a very general and open-ended subject and I could spend hours explaining real estate investing for beginners…but we don’t always have that much time! Visit for more information about Real Estate investing.

Andrew Cordle is an investor and nationally known real estate speaker. Endorsed by National REIA, He has addressed local REIA clubs, real estate event audiences, and investing trade shows around the country. His latest Endeavor is the Ignite Expos, a national Real Estate Investing Expo held throughout the year.

5 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing for Beginners”

  1. Hi andrew i love watching your videos, i really learned new simple but crucial things about real estate investing. By the way I am chris and I am a real estate agent myself in the Philippines but I can say I still need to learn a lot in this industry,and this kind of videos really helps! Thanks!

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